Seeing the Facts

It is interesting how seeing factual information put to the test makes some people learn more affectively. Here are some really interesting infographics I found.

1. 24 Hours of Sunsets

Within this infographic, you can see the hourly change between many countries. The infographic explains when each country in the graph is having its sunset. Each of which, are one hour apart. This infographic is really affective because it shows the reader the facts, and then the infographic goes on to showing pictures of the sunset at the time listed.

2. The History of Smoking

This infographic is really interesting to me because it not only shows the origin of smoking and how it led to some popular products, but it also seems to blame certain events and/or people. The visual aspect on this one isn’t as satisfying as others, but the information is incredible.

3. Top Ten Causes of Death in the United States

The last infographic I found that was really interesting is one about the Top Ten Causes of Death. This one just shows how more interesting information can be with infographics. At first glance, it looks like a pie chart, but once you look around, the reader may notice that he can interact with it. It also stands out visually because it is 3-D.